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Accelerated FreeFall - AFF:

If you are looking for a challenge and thinking of taking up the sport of skydiving, then the Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) Course is designed for you.

After a full day of theoretical and practical training, you will be ready to make your first skydive. Together with two highly experienced instructors (combined jumps totalling more than 1000 skydives!) you will climb out and exit the aircraft. Your instructors will be there with you in free fall ensuring you open your own parachute and it is deployed safely. You will steer your own parachute, communicating with an instructor on the ground until you are guided in safely to landing.

Your Stage 1 jump is the first step towards becoming an experienced skydiver - the AFF course consists of nine stages in total. AFF students progress at their own rate, and your NSPC instructors will encourage you and develop your flying skills every step of the way.

As an added extra, you can have a video record of all your training jumps. Video is an excellent training aid and will have a huge effect on the rate at which you learn new flying skills.

The minimum age for AFF skydiving is 16 years and parental consent is required for skydivers under 18.

Our state of the art student parachute equipment comes complete with backup automatic Safety Opening Devices.

Maximum weight restrictions of 100kg apply.

Safety in the sport is paramount and aircraft and equipment are maintained to the rigid safety standards regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the Australian Parachute Federation.

Skydive Progression Guide:

(NOTE: This is a guide. The jump minimums are only one part of the respective licences. All certificates require more than just jump numbers.) Please see for latest requirements.

  • Student Licence - minimum to jump with instructors
  • Completion of AFF stage 9 - minimum to jump solo on student gear
  • Certificate A (around 15-20 jumps) - minimum to jump your own gear
  • Certificate B (50 jump minumum) - minimum to jump with your mates
  • Certificate C (100 jump minimum) - minimum to jump with a camera
  • Certificate D (200 jump minimum) - minimum to jump a wingsuit
  • Certificate E (500 jump minimum) - minimum to become a tandem master


First jump courses are usually held the first Saturday of every month. Book Now! Places are limited.

Deposit or discounted full course payment
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AFF Course Deposit: $60
AFF Stage 1: $399
AFF Stages 1 - 9: $1995
AFF + A Licence 15 jumps: $2495

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