Club Membership Register / Join Instructions

  1. If you have previously signed up please login to the NSPC website at the NSPC login page here NSPC Login
  2. Go to the NSPC membership page here Club Membership to fill out your registration details AND payment
    1. Enter "Create Profile" details (if you have the option you must do this)
    2. Enter "Additional Info" details including Emergency Contact details (if you have the option you must do this)
    3. Update "Your Profile" ONLY IF REQUIRED  (if you have the option)
    4. Add a "Billing Method" to ensure you pay your membership
      • Without this you are only registered for the web site and not a paid NSPC Member.
    5. Checkout Now by submitting the form.
      • Your payment will go through using our secure payment gateway Stripe (part of PayPal)

If you do not enter your Billing Method you will still be registered with NSPC but will not have paid your membership.