Appointed for 2017-2018

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Ian "Robbo" Robertson
I started jumping in September 1985 at Commando Skydivers at Pakenham near Melbourne in Victoria.

My first experience in Bigways was after I left Victoria in 2002, I was one of the last to dock on the then 32 way POPS Australia FS record at Equinox, Toogoolawah that year.
I have trained and coached jumpers in AFF, Static Line and RW in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, and over the past ten years or so averaged around 150 – 200 jumps per year, thereby ensuring currency in skills and knowledge. Now after almost 4800 skydives, over 28 years as an Instructor B, current AFF and Static Line ratings, Licence F601, Display Pro, Packer A:
As Top POP Australia 2005 to 2015 and World Top POP 2006 to 2008 I organised or participated in many skydiving competition events in Australia and in Europe and the USA. I have been on Australian Teams in Accuracy Competitions in Slovakia (World Champs) 2008, Egypt 2008, Malaysia 2007, organised and competed at the 50th Australian National Accuracy Championships Port Macquarie NSW 2011, organised and competed at World POPS Meet and Championships Toogoolawah Qld 2008, competed and/or participated at skydiving competitions, events and boogies around Australia and in Europe and the USA since 1987 through 2013.
I organised in conjunction with Alan White and Simone Bambach the Parachutists Over Phorty Society (POPS) Australia 47 way (largest ever) FS at Equinox in Toogoolawah Qld 2006 attended my first Big Way and 100 Way camp at Perris Ca USA and in 2011 when I was on a completed 104 way. I was involved in organising and participated in Skydivers Over Sixty (SOS) 14 way FS Record at the World POPS Championships at Toogoolawah Qld 2008 which my wife and I organised, and the SOS 17 way FS Record at Batchelor NT in 2013.
Vice President
Ernest "Shadow" Haak
I started Skydiving late in life completing AFF in May 2016. I have only made 45 jumps and currently working my way through B-Rels. Not able to jump as much as I wanted, got my Packer-B rating and GCA approval at Elderslie, taking up a committee position mid 2016-2017 year which I am glad to continue with to support and help the club grow. This place is home.
Kelly Tudhope
Martin Perrins
Kellie Watson
I started my AFF course in August 2016 after a surprise Tandem as a Birthday present. I’m currently C License with a General Display rating and also Star Crest. My goals are for Bigways and I’m currently being Mentored by Laurence Garceau, as apart of WIAS program by the APF.
Douglas Mickle
Began skydiving in 1993 and commenced working in the industry in 1998. Currently I have completed 4500 skydives, 195 BASE jumps and 70 hours of tunnel flying. I am an APF instructor B and have competed at a National level in formation skydiving and canopy piloting. Holder of two World Records in Atmonauti flying, biggest group and biggest formation.
Guy Stanley
I started jumping with an AFF course in Rio de Janeiro in 2010. I then jumped in Europe, mostly at BPS Langar and Netheravon and with the British Collegiate Parachute Association. I competed at UK Nationals in 4 way Rookie with Naughty Slots, winning gold in 2014, thanks to an awesome team. I moved to Aus in 2016. I've concentrated on freeflying and have made 460 jumps.