Skydiving Facilities

Built by skydivers, for skydivers.  We are a full service APF accredited training drop zone.

We have a thriving fun jumping scene. Backed up by an amazing location and facilities.  You can expect to have a great time at Elderslie, with plenty of people staying for the whole weekend. We are a family friendly, and social DZ.


Upcoming events


AFF instructors,  B-rel tutors are generally always available.

Freefly, Wingsuit coaches: Check our Facebook fun jumpers group for availability.


DHC-2 Beaver: Turbine, 8 slots.

For larger events, we have PAC 750XL & Caravan 208's available.

Jump Tickets

Are fully transferable between Elderslie & Sydney Skydivers.

1 Ticket AUD $42.00
10 Tickets AUD $36.00 each
100 Tickets AUD $33.00 each
150 Tickets AUD $28.00 each


  • 14ha Landing area
  • Sealed Runway
  • Carpeted, undercover packing area
  • Unlimited high speed internet
  • Kitchen
  • BBQ
  • Full shower and toilet facilities

Accommodation Options

  • Bunkhouse
  • Private caravan (Double bed)
  • BYO Camping
  • BYO Caravan or van
  • Powered sites are available (daily charge applies)